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SIPRI Yearbook 2010

SIPRI Yearbook 2010

Appendix 6B. Major arms industry acquisitions, 2009

6. Arms production
SIPRI Yearbook 2010
Susan T. Jackson

Table 6B.1 lists major acquisitions in the arms industries of member states of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that were announced or completed between 1 January and 31 December 2009. It is not an exhaustive list of all acquisition activity but gives a general overview of strategically significant and financially noteworthy transactions.

Table 6B.1. Major acquisitions in the OECD arms industries, 2009

Figures are in US $m., at current prices.

Buyer company (country)/Subsidiary (country)a

Acquired company (country)

Seller company (country)b

Deal value ($ m.)c

Revenue or employeesd

Within North America (Companies are US-based unless indicated otherwise)

Precision Castparts Corp.

Carlton Forge Works

Privately owned


. .

General Dynamics

Axsys Technologies

Publicly listed


$253 m.


Atlantic Inertial Systems

J. F. Lehman & Co.*


$180 m.

Woodward Governor

HR Textron



$260 m.

ManTech International Corp.

Sensor Technologies Inc.

Privately owned


. .


GE Aviation Systems’ Flight Control Actuation business

GE Aviation Systems


$100 m.

Rackable Systemse

Silicon Graphics Inc.

Publicly listed


$354 m.

FLIR Systems

OmniTech Partners

Privately owned


$22 m.

Curtiss-Wright Corp.

EST Group

Privately owned


$20 m.

Danaher Corp./Tektronix

Sypris Test & Measurement

Sypris Solutions


. .


Endwave’s defence electronics and security business unit

Endwave Corp.


. .

CAE (Canada)

xwave (Canada)

Bell Alliant


200 employees

FLIR Systems

Directed Perception Inc.

Privately owned


. .

Teledyne Technologies/Teledyne Instruments

Ocean Design

Privately owned


. .

Applied Signal Technology

Pyxis Engineering

Privately owned


$12 m.

FLIR Systems

Salvador Imaging

Privately owned


35 employees

Alliant Techsystems

Eagle Industries

Privately owned

. .

2300 employees

Ranger Aerospace*

US Logistics

Privately owned

. .

600 employees

Lockheed Martin

Universal Systems & Technologies

Privately owned

. .

400 employees

Arrow Electronics

A. E. Petsche Co.

Privately owned

. .

$220 million

Lockheed Martin

Gyrocam Systems

Privately owned

. .

138 employees


Applied Optical Systems

Privately owned

. .

$7 m.


Cloud Cap Technologies

Privately owned

. .

30 employees

Transatlantic: West European acquisitions of companies based in North America

Chemring Group (UK)

Hi-Shear Technology Corp. (USA)

Publicly listed


$26 m.

Finmeccanica (Italy)/DRS Technologies (USA)

Soneticom (USA)

Privately owned

. .

$9 m.

Transatlantic: North American acquisitions of companies based in Western Europe

Jacobs Engineering Group (USA)

AWE Management Ltd (UK)

British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (UK)


. .

Lockheed Martin (USA)/Lockheed Martin UK (UK)

Imes Strategic Support Ltd (UK)

Imes Group (UK)

. .

$37 m.

Within Western Europe

BAE Systems (UK)

45% of BVT Surface Fleet (UK)

VT Group (UK)


7000 employeesf

ThyssenKrupp (Germany)

25% of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (Germany)g

One Equity (USA)*

. .

$2 b.

ThyssenKrupp (Germany) and EADS (trans-European)/Atlas Elektronik UK (UK)h

Underwater Systems (UK)

QinetiQ (UK)


220 employees

Saab (Sweden)

60% of TietoSaab Systems (Finland)i

Tieto (Finland)

. .

$13 m.

RUAG (Switzerland)

GEKE Schutztechnik (Germany)

GEKE (Germany)

. .

. .


Electro Optical Systems (Australia)/EOS Defense Systems (USA)

Recon Optical’s remote weapon system business unit (USA)

Goodrich (USA)

. .

. .

EADS (trans-European)/Eurocopter (France)

Euroheli (Japan)

Itochu Corp. (Japan)

. .

60 employees

Ultra Electronics (UK)

Avalon Systems (Australia)

Privately owned


22 employees

* = Investment company.

(a) In cases where the acquisition was completed by a subsidiary, rather than directly by the parent company, the name of the subsidiary is also given.

(b) ‘Publicly listed’ means that the company’s shares were publicly traded on a stock exchange of its home country, with no single majority shareholder. ‘Privately owned’ means the company was owned by one or more private shareholders, with its shares not traded on any stock exchange.

(c) In cases where the deal value is not available in US dollars, currency conversion has been made using the International Monetary Fund average exchange rate for the calendar month in which the transaction was made. Companies do not always disclose the values of transactions.

(d) The acquired company’s annual revenue is listed where known (either actual revenue for 2008 or expected revenue for 2009 or 2010). Where revenue is not available in US dollars, currency conversion has been made using the International Monetary Fund average exchange rate for the appropriate year. Where information is not available for the acquired company's revenue, the acquired company's number of employees is shown, where known. Within each regional category, acquisitions are listed first in order of deal size where known, then in order of the acquired company's revenue where known. Where only employee numbers are known, the acquisitions are listed according to a conservative estimate of the likely range of revenues of the acquired company.

(e) After the acquisition, Rackable Systems changed its name to that of the acquired company, Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI).

(f) BAE Systems now owns 100% of the former joint venture BVT Surface Fleet. The number of employees is the reported number for BAE Systems Surface Ships, the successor company of BVT Surface Fleet.

(g) ThyssenKrupp now owns 100% of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

(h) Atlas Elektronik, the German-based parent company of Atlas Elektronik UK, is a joint subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp and EADS.

(i) Saab now owns 100% of TietoSaab.

Sources: SIPRI arms industry files on mergers and acquisitions.

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